Grace and Cooneen Lad Snowy Equine Photoshoot

A Snowy Equine Photoshoot

One very cold and snowy weekend in March I traveled to Hockley in Essex to do a Snowy Equine Photoshoot. We where on our way to a little yard, that I have never been to before. In fact I missed the turning and had to ring for directions.

On arriving at the yard I met the young lady Grace who I was there to photograph along with her lovely rich chestnut gelding Cooneen Lad or Cooney to his friends. Mum was there and a couple of friends to help out and hold coats and rugs as it was bitterly cold and there was lots of snow still  around.

Grace with her gelding Cooneen Lad

Grace with her chestnut gelding Cooneen Lad

Grace looking lovingly at Cooneen Lad

The loving bond between a young lady and her horse

Grace and Cooneen Lad were amazing on this snowy equine photoshoot

Cooneen Lad looks out across the snowy fields

The beautiful Cooneen Lad and Grace

The beautiful Cooneen Lad and Grace

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