Older Riders Rally are back

Older Riders We Are Older Than Teenagers.

Older Riders Rallies are back after having a year break. I organise and photograph the  Older Riders Rallies and Michael Paveley BHSI (Reg) Ukcc3, British Eventing Accred. Coach is our trainer Older Riders Rallies are for all level riders.

Our first Older Riders Rally for 2018 we had planner for 4th March but we made the dicission to re schedular until 24th March because of the snow. It would be to dangerous for Riders to transport their horses.

Older Riders Rallies were my idea a few years back. Lots of trainers are involved with Pony Club and training for junior riders.

“I am an older rider, I am Older than a Teenager” but I would still like to have fun with friends and our horses.

Older Riders Rallies at Black Barns

The Older Riders who come to Older Riders Rallies are of all levels. We have Riders who have only owned their horse for a short period of time, also Riders who compete at all levels and lots like myself how are Happy Hackers.

Horses, ponies, cobs we have a real selection of equines that attend the Older Riders Rallies which we hold at Black Barns in Hockley, Essex.

Older Riders Rallies are suitable for Maxi Cobx

Lindsey at an Older Riders Rally on her Maxi Cob Jackson


At an Older Riders Rally we have FUN

Have you ever tried to quietly ride your horse in walk, trot and canter over a single 3 foot wide pole? Grid work at Older Riders Rallies as about accuracy and FUN no pressure.

Shannon at an Older Riders Rally on her Gelderlander Chico

Shannon at an Older Riders Rally on her Gelderlander Chico

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