Hunting the Northern Lights

Stunning Northern Lights dancing over our hotel

Hunting Aurora Borealis the Northern Lights

My amazing journey to see the Aurora Borealis the Northern Lights on the Finland and Sweden border covered with deep dry snow, started with a birthday card from my husband on my 60th birthday on New Year 2018.

I could not have wished for a better birthday present.

The view of the Northern Lights from our hotel

Northern Lights where visible from outside our hotel

Hunting the Northern Lights has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember and now my dream had come true.

Our friend Tina Townsend had recommended Caroline Walker of Travel Counsellors to be our personal holiday agent.

Caroline Walker found an amazing deal for us staying at the Arctic Star hotel in Sweden for seven nights with a package that included wonderful things to do everyday.

The dancing green skies

Northern Lights filling the skies

Seven nights Hunting the Northern Lights

Caroline sourced seven nights with Transun which included 

  • Flights and transfers
  • Full board
  • Snowshoe Induction and hike
  • Call of the Wild with Husky’s 
  • Forest Hike to see Aurora Borealis the Northern Lights
  • Trip to a local Museum 
  • Northern Lights Snowmobile
  • Sami Museum
  • Quincey Quiz Night
  • Reindeer Camp
iPhone pic all ready for our reindeer sled ride

iPhone pic all ready for our reindeer sled ride

Our flight took us from London Gatwick to Enontekio in Finland where coaches were waiting to take the next part of our journey.

A forty five minute drive over the snow covered roads to Karesuando in Sweden to the Arctic Star hotel.

heavy snow on the branches

Stunning snow

Stunning simply stunning like being driven through the most beautiful Christmas Card.

Walking in snow shoes was an amazing experience in Karesuando, Sweden

Snow shoe hike across a frozen lake in Karesuando, Sweden

Along the route to the Arctic Star Hotel in Karesuando, Sweden, the coach stopped at Ketesurento in Finland.

Everyone disembarked as this was where we would be fitted for the Arctic suits and boots that would be needed to keep warm during our stay, as we would be experiencing temperatures as low as minus 27 with the chill factor of minus 32.

Husky sledge ride

The huskies are very keen to get going

The Arctic suits are worn over our base and middle layers and ski wear but hats, and scarves are also a must as are good gloves.

The Arctic Star Hotel

On arriving at the Arctic Star Hotel we were allocated our rooms. The Transun Reps are 3 lovely English ladies. Our Rep was a lady called Victoria she went through the itinerary with us. 

Most of the hotel staff are English, there were a few staff member who were not but they spoke very good English.

As I have listed above there were different activities for us to experience every day. Which also included learning about and meeting native Sami people.

The days were well planned so we had free time to go walking to explore the local area and to  photograph the amazing scenery in Karesuando and the surrounding area of Sweden.

Although the days were very short sunrise at 08:09 and sunset at 15:18 our Holiday Rep Victoria suggested that we would have time on our first day to put on a few more layers of clothing and go for a walk to the frozen river before dinner.

Frost Nip

She did warn everyone about ‘Frost Nip’ which she did explain in full and told us what to do if we started to get too cold.

On our walk we soon found that wearing scarves to cover our faces was not really good enough for us, as our breath quickly froze on the scarves which made your face very cold in fact the side of my nose had started to go numb.

We returned to the Arctic Star, once in the warm hotel my face soon warned up. We returning to our rooms we changed out of our outside gear and went down for dinner.

The Arctic Star rooms are simple and clean, coffee making facilities with an en-suite wet room.

The holiday was full board which included three good meals per day. With a good selection for each meal including a vegetarian option.

A rare photograph of Me and the other half

A rare photograph of us together

To top it all we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on three evening.

Thank you to…