Equine photography takes time.

Horse portrait at the stables

At shows or Equestrian events, things can be a little rushed although you and your horse are looking your best. You will be concentrating on your class. So your face could be telling a different story.

Riding at home

Riding at home

Horse show photographers in Essex do a fabulous job of capturing the moment but a lot of the time the tension can be showing in both you and your horse, equine photography can take time to get those ears forward.

A better way to get those stunning photographs of you and your horse all scrubbed up and looking your best would be to book a photoshoot with me.

Correct canter

Correct canter

Being an experienced horse owner I know how to get you and your horse looking your best.

Stunning horse portrait

Stunning picture

Black background photography is also available but a simple wall or some trees can help make a beautiful picture to hang on the wall in your home.

More of my very individual horse photographs can be seen Here.