Horse photographer Shiralee Swan

Abby and Freddie have been a team for many years. Abby got Freddie 9 years ago when he hadn’t been out of horse racing very long.

When Abby went to view Freddie he was rideable but he didn’t have a lot of trust in people, he was scared and very underweight.

He definitely wasn’t the first right horse for me but I just couldn’t leave him there.

After plenty of patience, sweat and tears we got there. The bond between these two is one of love and trust and now unbreakable.

Over the 9 years they have compeated in shows and sponsored rides. when competing he Kept His racing name ‘French Direction’ there is nothing more Fred loves then his work.

A few years ago he was having problems with his scorillic and was advised from the vet to lower his work (which Fred wasn’t happy about).

Abby is still able to ride and got for hacks. Fred isn’t too keen on slowing down just yet!

Fred is a one in a million horse and she wouldn’t change him for the world.

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