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Shiralee Swan

I'm Shiralee, but you probably guessed that...

I love to be among happy people and there is no happier place to be than at a wedding surrounded by happy people enjoying a memorable day with their family and friends.

For many years I worked as a Photojournalist I was the Senior Photographer for a Regional Newspaper, I also worked as a Freelancer Photographer too.

Shiralee Swan Press Cards

Shiralee Swan Press Cards

A Photojournalist is sent to News Stories and News Events, like Royal Visits, etc. by the News Reporters. A Photojournalist is not 'The Paparazzi'  A Photojournalist is employed by the Newspaper.

In late 2019 the Newspaper closed its door for the last time and went into liquidation.

Not wanting to continue in the Press world, I decides it was time to do what I love... Wedding Photography.


As an Essex based wedding photographer what makes me different?

Experience, age, and maturity...

A Professional Photographer with over 25 years of experience, 10 years of which working as a Senior Photographer on the Regional Newspaper The Enquirer Series with the head office in Billericay in Essex.

During this time I had the privilege to photograph all members of the Royal Family, most of the Prime Ministers, MP's. 1000's of children along with some very remarkable people and beautiful Weddings.

I couldn't say to the Queen... Look at me and smile - So I won't say it to you either!

Shiralee photographed the Queen in Havering
Royal Visit

My children, family, and pets.

Family is important to me, I have a daughter and a son who each has 3 beautiful children, including a set of twins. Which I believe gives me the patience and heart to be able to photograph children in a fun relaxed manner.

Horses are my passion. Spyda is my 16.1 Skewbald gelding he is fully home-produced, I bought him as an untouched foal back in 1999. Over the years we have tried most equestrian sports from x-country to dressage in our older years.

I have had a number of ponies and horses throughout my life, my children had ponies from a very young age and were members of Essex Union Pony Club which is when I first sharted photographing my children and their ponies and was asked by friends to photograph their children and ponies. I guess that was the beginning of my love of photography.

Naughty terriers have always been my dog of choice.

My husband and I live in Fobbing, Essex, we have lived in our little cottage for over 40 years. Both of her children grew up there, it's a lovely quiet little community. 'Our's is very much a family home with paintings done by my young Grandchildren on the walls'.

Fobbing is located just off the A13 near Basildon, Essex, it is only 9 miles from the Queen Elizabeth Bridge and close to M25 and A12, M11 which enables me easily drive to all parts of the U.K. Within an easy drive to a couple of airports too.

I use only Nikon professional equipment and am a Registered Professional Nikon User, am a member of SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers). SISLP (Society of International Sports & Leisure Photographers) The Guild of Photographers