Capturing the real story

Loving Weddings which are all about family, friends, and fun.

As a Photojournalist, I capture the real, the happening and the now.

What is Wedding Photojournalism?

Photography that is natural, unstaged, capturing the moment. Capturing the love, the emotion, and the fun.

  • No cheesy poses.
  • No Look at Me and smile.
  • No telling you what to do

Letting the real you memories of your Wedding day flow.

My Wedding Blog is the place to see some real Weddings that I have captured.



unobtrusive wedding photo
Church wedding

Your Wedding is unique

You have spent a long time planning your Wedding Day, every last loving detail.

From your beautiful Wedding dress to the table plan, flowers to bridesmaid's shoes, no little detail has been left to chance.

So why wouldn't you want every detail captured?

I feel it is so important to find the right wedding photographer for you.

As your wedding photographer will be with you during one of the most emotional days of your life.

Do you have a question? please feel free to call Me on 07759 403351 No question is too small or silly or use my Contact Form Here.

As a Wedding Photojournalist, I will not... 

Tell you what to do, no awkward poses, no look at me, and smile, no unnatural cuteness, I will not keep you from your guests.

But I will capture the true story of your wedding day, with a set of photographs that will show the true flow of the happiness, joy, and fun of you wedding day.

The New Mr and Mrs
Your photographs as art

What is Photojournalist?

Photojournalism is the practice of communicating a story ie news by photographs, 'capturing the now'.

I worked as a photojournalist for 13 years. I was the Senior Photographer on a Regional Newspaper.

You can read more About Me... Here.

Your Wedding Day

I will arrive approximately an hour before your wedding cars arrive. I love the buzz and the excitement of the Bride prep it can be electric.

Being a female wedding photographer I feel Brides and the Bridesmaids are more relaxed with me in the room that a male photographer.

There are fewer worries with me mixing with the bridesmaids when they are getting dressed. I am happy to help with zips and tucking in hanger ribbons on dresses etc.

This is also the time for me to photograph your wedding flowers, bouquets with wedding shoes is always a favorite memory whether you are wearing Jimmy Choos, or Converse, capturing your make-up artist your hairdresser too.

After your Wedding cake has been cut and I have captured your First dance as Husband and Wife with the party starts... I will still be there.

London Church Wedding

I capture and create images that deserve to be printed. Framed for all to enjoy forever