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These Are All My Clients Horses

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From time to time I will ask clients if I may enter my photographic portraits of their horses in an International Competition.

Yes... All of these horses are client's horses.

I like to be able to offer the best Equine Photographic Service that I possibly can. Putting my photographic portraits into International Competitions it's the highest level of quality control possible in my opinion. I am proud to say that, some of my photographs have received awards from several Professional Photography Societies.



For the first time this year (2022), and after a lot of persuasion from my peers, I took a deep breath and entered two photographs into the very prestigious 20"x16" print competition that took place at The Societies of Photographers Convention in London.

The 20"x16" print competition is an open competition. This means that anyone can go in and watch the Judging.  A panel of five highly qualified photographic Judges from across the world examine every print.


Awarded Silver Merit
Dark monochrome photograph of a horse portrait is Awarded Silver Merit

THE SOCIETIES OF PHOTOGRAPHERS Also hold a monthly Image Competition which runs all year and has a range of categories, which cover just about all aspects of popular photographic subjects.

The categories that I enter are 'Pet Portraits' and 'Mono Chrome'. Images from this competition are judged monthly, with the top images being awarded the converted ‘Gold’ award. Images that can also receive a 'Highly commended' The Societies of Photographers definition of the awards are as follows...

Gold - Excellent use of imagination, skill, and technique in most areas. Awards will go forward to the annual judging and are deemed to be images of the highest standard and will be published in Professional Imagemaker.

Highly Commended - Good saleable work exhibiting above-average skill and technique in most areas. These images will be reviewed at the end of each year by a panel of judges and have the potential of being reclassified as Gold.

Monochrome Gold Award
Gold Award for Photographer Shiralee Swan
Awarded Highy Commended


Each month theNPS have two sets of winners, the definition of their awards are as follows...

Gold – The ultimate accolade, an image that is outstanding in the eyes of the judges

Highly Commended – An image that is almost at Gold level but just a tiny bit short of winning Gold.  Highly Commended is still an incredible achievement to earn.

NPS Highly Commended Shiralee Swan Equine Photography Aubery


The Guild of Photographers also has Image of the Month (IOM) competitions, I am proud to say that my Equine Portraits have recieved the following awards.

The Guild of Photographers definition of the awards is as follows...

Gold - Images of particular distinction (Very Rare)

Silver - Images that are very well crafted (Difficult to achieve)

Bronze - Images of a strong standard at a National Competition Level (Something to be Proud of).

Award winning equine photograph

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