Black background studio-style portraits Vs Natural light lifestyle

Black background portraits are a photographic style, not a photoshop edit.

I have always been a natural light photographer, having worked for many years as a newspaper photographer.

I’ve never liked formal studio photography for people and only ever used artificial lighting for ‘fill flash’ to lift the shadows when natural light was not enough to capture peoples faces correctly.

Black background photographed with my mobile studio

Black Backgrounds Shiralee Swan

They say a leopard never changes its spots but I have to admit that I have changed my opinion on working with studio lights and end up acquiring a full mobile studio set-up!

I am thoroughly enjoying the process of being able to create my own light as it fits my vision, rather than having to work with the natural light that is available (especially when it’s not always good).

I love the simple elegance of low key black background photos that emphasize the beauty and grace of my equine models.  Being able to capture dramatic light on a horse or dog always astounds me.

Studio lights are essential for creating these dynamic images and as all my lighting equipment is portable with battery packs, ideally the area to set up my mobile studio would be a barn or indoor school but can also be a shady area of your yard. I am pleased to be able to offer my clients specialized studio lighting techniques on location throughout the South of England.

I know this style of photography will become the hallmark of my work in the future.

Having owned and trained horses for many years and been a photographer for equally as long I can advise you of the very best way to prepare your horse for a studio-style photoshoot.

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