6 Tips for amazing Confetti Photos

Ingatestone Church confetti

Who doesn’t love great confetti photographs?

Great wedding confetti photograph takes a little planning, let me explain…

Years ago you could rely on your wedding guests to shower you with confetti. Sadly that is becoming a thing of the past, at weddings today the only guests that bring it are the older generations.

Beautiful white wedding confetti frozen in time

Bride and groom showered in confetti

My Top Six Tips for Great Confetti Shots

The confetti photographs have to be one of the most fun moments, of the wedding for the couple and me.

Lovely colours raining down on you is a great way of letting everyone know that the fun and the party have begun.

It will make an amazing photo too. However, amazing confetti photos take a little planning.  Believe it or not, great confetti shots don’t just happen.

1) Check with your wedding venue that confetti is allowed!

Yes! Believe it or not, some venues say NO! to confetti. I have found that these tend to be smaller churches, if you are having a church wedding it’s worth checking that there is an area outside of the church ground to have your beautiful confetti photo.

3-2-1- go... through the confetti

Confetti time

2) Have a chat with your photographer about the planning.

Everything is in the planning, so you and your photographer know that all of your family and friends have two hands full, but most importantly how this photograph is to be styled. How are your guests going to group around you?  A little order and synchronisation is needed. Allow your photographer to work with your guests to make sure everything is all set before throwing (up not at).

Confetti at Friern Manor

The confetti was flying around the couple at Friern Manor at a summer wedding

3) Cute little cones don’t work!

I know that it looks cute lots of little cones or little netting bags, but think about it.  Your guests have a cone of confetti which they have to pour into their hand, hoping it doesn’t blow away and leaving some in the cone, which is wasted or your guests try to throw it from the cone, which doesn’t work very well.

So what to do – Just keep it in one or two baskets or boxes full of confetti that everyone can dip in and take a big handful or two.

4)  Be generous with your confetti

Don’t be stingy with your portions. If you want to have an amazing confetti shower, make sure your guest has a good handful (or two) to throw! this could be a little job for the bridesmaids.

Fill a basket full of confetti from which your guests can grab a good fist-full on the way out from the ceremony, or have a couple of baskets passed around your guests.

Basket fill of fresh petals for confetti

Wicker basket of fresh confetti

5) Go BIG – large confetti looks best

If your confetti’s small, sadly it can get lost against the background, imagine lavender and dried rose petals flying in the air at the venue gardens, with lots of greenery etc.  Small confetti will not stand out in the photographs.

Confetti larger than a 20p coin looks better in the photographs, but the bigger the better. Bio-degradable tissue paper in bright rainbow colours look amazing, but if you prefer to keep them colour-coordinated to your wedding theme that will also look fabulous. Large rose petals are perfect too because they create a gorgeous flutter of colour in the air as they rain down.  Most good wedding venues in Essex are happy with Biodegradable tissue or fresh to be used.

Colour coordinated biodegradable confetti

Colour-coordinated blue confetti

6) Throw up NOT at – avoid a mouthful

Want a surefire way to end up with a mouthful of confetti?  Allow your guests to throw their confetti right at you!

If you don’t want that to happen, try this: Have your guests launch their confetti up into the air so that it rains down on you. If you only remember one tip for these shots this is it! Throw up NOT at.

Bonus Tip:

Be generous with the confetti.

Fun fun fun a confetti wipeout

Can you have too much confetti? A wipeout can make a fun memory too.