Dog friendly Wedding Venue’s!

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I have given myself the challenge to find them

They are our best friends and our children all rolled up in one adorable fluffy bundle, so why should they be left out of the most fabulous day of our lives, Our Wedding Day?

Dog-friendly wedding venues are becoming more popular with more venues welcoming our fur babies.

My dogs and horses are a very big part of my life and I know that they are yours too?

Over the years I have photographed weddings that have included the couple’s dogs and horses. In the past, couples could only have their four-legged family members at the wedding if they were a farmer or you had access to a paddock for the reception.

Dog friend Wedding Venues in Essex

Are they really?

I will be asking all of the questions that we would like to know before booking a dog-friendly venue for our weddings. If there are any questions that I have missed please drop me an email and I will add them.