Model Dressage pony

I’m looking to extend my portfolio to include dressage ponies! While I’ve photographed a lot of dressage horses, I’m always looking to expand and meet new people!

The ponies must have the presence to really define their type. Check the requirements to see if you and your pony can qualify.


  • Must be within Essex
  • Must be a Dressage Ponies.
  • Looking for exquisite ponies.
  • A property with a stable archway, clean barn, field shelter
  • The session can be done at any time of the day.
If your pony fits most of these requirements, follow the Application information below...

Model Call Application

Send the following information to with the subject line reading Dressage Pony Model Call 

  • Your Name:
  • Address:
  • Your Ponies Name and height:
  • Tell me a little about your pony:¬† Is yorr pony calm, excitable, loves tip bits, etc…


Please include a couple of pictures of your pony in the same email, phone pics are fine. To give me an idea of the model’s size and stamp etc. Email: