Equine & Wedding Photographer covering Essex and Beyond

Natural wedding photography for couple's who don't want to spend their whole day posing

To all the couples who have a strong love for family, friends and fun, who have been searching the internet and finally landed here... Welcome!

Shiralee, that's me. I also answer to Mum and Nanny and have lived in Fobbing, Essex for the past 40 years.  I love to capture those memories and fun moments of weddings in Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and London, even as far away as Scotland.  In fact the whole of the UK.

Are you looking for a female wedding photographer who:

  • Is unobtrusive and relaxed, with a natural style to her wedding photography?
  • Capturing the flow of the wedding day with portraits and groups in the mix?
  • Who WON'T Go Home After the First Dance? Let's Party!

If that's a Yes...Let's chat!

But, if you're looking for a photographer who just arrives at the venue for a few hours, stands you all in a line and a 1,2,3, 'Look at me and Smile' sorry that's not me!

Why?  Because of the old cliché I LOVE MY JOB, and to me, Weddings & Family are very important.  I love to be among happy fun people too.

Langtons House Wedding


A home is complete when it is full of love and memories there is no better way than with pictures on the wall, to include a stunning portrait from your wedding day.

It will make you smile every time you walk past and the memories of the day will come flooding back.

A portrait is a beautiful thing to have as a wedding album cover too.

First look

Emotional Storytelling

On your wedding day, there will be lots of emotions and I am on the constant lookout to freeze that moment in time.

When a Father sees his baby girl as a woman, for the first time, it makes me cry too.  "I know such a Professional" but that's me.

After this stolen moment, I quietly leave the Bride with her Dad, as it's nearly time for him to give his daughter to her Husband to be.

Four little bridesmaids peaking round the trees as the bride and groom kiss

Groups & Family Formals

Groups or Family Formals can be such a...bore!!

But they don't have to be! Here is the Bride and Groom outside St. Paul's Bentley Common, Brentwood, with their four little bridesmaids.  It's not boring and no-one is stood in a line.

Did I set this photograph up? yes of course I did!

Why do couples book me for their wedding photography?

I, Shiralee have had the pleasure of capturing weddings right across the country, for some truly fabulous couples who have all loved my friendly relaxed but organised way.

Being that I am very passionate about everything 'wedding' and 'family' I only take on a selected amount of weddings per year. To ensure my couples have not only a stress-free, enjoyable day but a well-planned, supportive experience in the run-up to it, I am here for you.

Unlimited consultations, phone calls, emails, WhatsApp, for any questions big or small or you may just need someone to chat to that isn't 'family' I am with you every step of the way.

Photographer, wedding planner, assistant dresser, dress fluffer, timekeeper, but most of all a calm and friendly person who just fits in.

Understanding Privacy

Many of the weddings that I have the privilege of photographing are private.

I don't need to and won't share your photographs all over Social Media. You are inviting me to capture your memories for you of your wedding day and I never lose sight of that.

My clients come to me mostly by recommendations and not via Facebook.


I look forward to hearing from you

Let's have a chat

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