Going the extra mile

Corprate Event in London

Bustling London, filled with the energy of people rushing to their destinations.   London, is a place where time waits for no one.

Trains are the lifelines of this vibrant city, bringing people from all walks of life together.  On this particular day, the trains decided to strike, disrupting the rhythm of commuters and event-goers alike.

As a photographer, punctuality is my middle name.

Take great pride in arriving at every event before time, ready to capture the essence of the occasion.  So when I heard about the train strike, I knew I had to come up with a plan to ensure I wouldn’t be stressed on arrival.

And that’s when I decided to embark on a car journey to London, taking into consideration the extra time I would need to reach my destination.

Booking a parking spot in advance was crucial, as I wanted to make sure that it would be not only be a convenient walk to the venue but also safe, clean and well-lit, and provide a sense of security amidst the chaos that the strike had caused.

Three hours was the margin I allowed myself for a journey that would typically take just an hour and twenty minutes. It might seem excessive, but I believe in going the extra mile for my clients.

The drive itself was far from ordinary. The traffic was very heavy in parts then flowing well in others!

It took just under two hours, perfect timing that allowed me to arrive in London calm and relaxed, ready to tackle the evening ahead.

Even though my journey had been longer than expected, I couldn’t help but appreciate the extra time I had to gather my thoughts and prepare mentally for the event.

Corprate Event

Corporate Event

A short walk awaited me. The venue was dressed to perfection, beckoning me with its grandeur. I knew that capturing the essence of this corporate event required a discreet and unobtrusive approach.

Upon arriving, I was greeted by the event team who warmly welcomed me. They guided me through the venue, unveiling its intricacies and allowing me to familiarise myself with the space.

As I exchanged pleasantries and absorbed the vibe, I knew that the challenge of capturing the essence of the event in a discreet and unobtrusive way was within my grasp.

As the guests started to trickle in, I effortlessly moved from room to room, my camera an extension of my being. 

Being a silent observer, seamlessly moved from room to room, documenting every important moment possible, every genuine emotion that unfolded before my lens.

During the speeches, weaving through the crowd, capturing the speaker and guests from different angles.

Like a storyteller, I wanted to showcase the depth of the event, giving my clients a comprehensive narrative of their event.

This documentary style of photography allows for the true essence of an event to shine through, capturing authentic moments that would otherwise be lost in the flurry of activity.

As the evening unfolded, being there in the midst of it all, made me realise just how important my role as a photographer is.

Next time you find yourself in need of a photographer who will go the extra mile for you. With a commitment to punctuality, and an unobtrusive approach to delivering a bank of images.