Ye Olde Plough House – Milestone Birthday Celebration

A Family Event for Aunties Milestone 90th Birthday.

It was a wonderful family event to celebrate recently when the family gathered together to celebrate Auntie’s Milestone Birthday.

Everyone travelled from different parts of the country to the Elonas Function Suite at the Ye Olde Plough House in Brentwood.

The highlight of the afternoon was a surprise Hi-Tea that had been organised for her.

It was truly amazing to witness the joy on Auntie’s face as she saw her family members with some she hadn’t seen for a while.


Hi-Tea for Aunties 90th Birthday

During the celebration, I captured the precious moments unobtrusively and in my documentary approach to photography.

I blend into the surroundings, allowing the family to enjoy their time together without feeling conscious or interrupted.

I aim to capture the genuine interactions and emotions shared among family members and friends.

The photographs that I captured will serve as lasting memories of this special occasion.

They will remind Auntie and her family of the love, laughter, and fun that were shared on this lovely day.

These photographs will allow Auntie and her loved ones to relive the celebration, even years down the line.

My focus was not only on Auntie but also on the entire family, ensuring that each member had their moment captured.

I understood the importance of family bonds and wanted to tell the story of their togetherness through my photography.

The photos will become treasured keepsakes for Auntie and her family.

They will spark memories and bring back the joy and warmth of this milestone celebration.

A family member said…

Shiralee’s dedication to capturing the essence of the event and her expertise in creating timeless photographs make her the perfect choice for any family gathering or special occasion.

So, consider hiring a photographer who specialises in unobtrusive and documentary photography, whether it’s a birthday celebration or any other significant event.  Skillfully capturing the precious moments, allowing you to cherish the memories for a lifetime.

If you are planning an Event or Birthday at Ye Olde Plough House or another venue tell me all of your plans… Shiralee I’m planning