An Interview with Molly Holly & Me

Tell us about your horses

‘An Interview with’ was a Blog that I used to write when I run ‘Older Riders’ Which some of you will remember.

Everyone loved my interviews with people like us normal horsey people. I get to meet lots of lovely people with their horses and dogs. When they book a photoshoot with me. So I decided to start ‘An Interview With’ again with some of my willing clients.

Tell us a little about your two horses – Their names, height & age.

I am lucky enough to own two gorgeous (I’m biased of course) horses who could not be more different from each other.

Molly the black cob

Molly, a 14.2hh traditional black hairy cob she’s as wide as she is tall and I absolutely adore her.  Molly is now 14 years old.

My other horse is called Holly, a 15.2hh bright bay, suspected TB x Pacer.  

Holly is now 12 years old, although she was originally rescued by the RSPCA as a youngster, having been abandoned in a field with her mum, so we are not totally sure of her age or breeding.

How long have you owned them & is there a story to how you got them?

Molly was my first ever horse, who I have now owned for 8 years.  I originally got Molly as a mother/daughter share, as I had a then teenage daughter at the time I bought her, who I was encouraging to get into the world of horses.  

My daughter was having lessons on Molly but was eager to get into jumping.  Molly being the tank she is did not have a natural aptitude for jumping, she was more likely to smash through anything in her way, rather than jump over it!  

Holly came in as a sales livery on the yard where we were stabled. Although I wasn’t looking for a second horse.

My daughter would spend a lot of time at the stables during the school holidays.  When I arrived at the yard one day after work.

Holly was ready to go out on a hack, I thought what a beautiful combination the horse and rider were! Only to then realise it was my daughter sitting on her!  Shortly after, Holly joined our family.

My daughter now doesn’t have huge amounts of time available, so I have a wonderful loaner for Holly who treats her like she’s her own and they have a lovely relationship together.

What is your weekday/weekend routine?

I am at the yard every morning, bright and early, during the week before I go to work, to turn the girls out and get all my jobs done.  

They both know as soon as my car turns up and they start calling for their breakfast.  

Getting as much done as I can in the mornings means I have more ‘horse’ time in the evenings when I can spend time just faffing about with them or I’ll take Molly out for a hack.

I will spend as much time as I can with them in the evenings that I think I can get away with, in the hope that by the time I get home my lovely, long-suffering, husband will have already cooked dinner!!

I’ve realised that having horses means that a lie-in no longer exists.

On weekends, again I get to the yard nice and early, albeit a little later than during the working week.  I try to get out for longer hacks at the weekends, especially if the weather is good.  Being out and about with my horse certainly beats doing housework.

Favorite discipline & why?

These days I’m very much a happy hacker, having come to the conclusion that I am now of an age where I won’t bounce if I hit the deck!

I absolutely love getting out and about with Molly, she gives me confidence and I have every faith in her, even though she goes into turbo cob mode every so often and the brakes are sometimes non-existent.

What is your greatest achievement with your horse? (This could be your personal achievement not out at a show)

The standout moment was taking Molly to the Windsor Ride in 2019 and reaching the final part of that ride which is just one long stunning stretch I can honestly say it was the best, most exhilarating gallop ever and Molly gave it her absolute all.  I could not have been prouder of her at that moment.

The best moments have all been doing a lot of sponsored rides with Molly and groups of friends.  Have had so many amazing moments, which have just been full of fun and laughter, as well as the occasional moment of flying by the seat of my pants.

I have met some fantastic people in my time of having Molly and Holly, who I would never have met otherwise and I have made some amazing friends for life.

Shelley x