You have more than one horse!

A three-horse composite photographic portrait, three horses wearing bridles looking to the right.

What to do…

The time has come in your life when you have decided that you have a place on the wall of your home for a piece of wall art of your horse.

But you own two maybe three horses! which do you choose? Maybe your old retired but truly loved older horse with who you have spent so many years with and who you share so many memories?

Or the horse that you are riding now and building that journey and experiencing so much with, you are starting to hit those goals and targets? Is the third horse an up-and-coming youngster who is in the very early days of his ridden life?

I adore working on fine art commissions! It has to be my favorite part of my work, to take a beautiful photograph of your horses then I will spend hours, creating a one-off, fine art portrait of them for you to have in pride of place in your home.

Multi horse portrait

These two horses live in different counties.

A multi-horse fine art photographic portrait takes planning.

You own beautiful horses who are works of art in themselves. You have a place on the wall in your home where your personal work of art will hang.

Next comes the design stage…

Just to give you a few things to think about in planning what you would like to have pride of place in your home.  I will add a little list because where the finished piece will hang will determine a couple of things.

  • Which direction will the horses be looking?
  • The left to right order of the horses?
  • Thinking about the light, and decor of the room, will influence the finished piece?
  • Will it be a High Gloss Acrylic, will it be a Tray Framed Canvas or a Museum Heritage
    Fine Art Print with Handcrafted Frame under anti-glare glass?

As I photograph the horses individually the first two parts of the design process are very important, direction and order.

Framed products and more.

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