My Self-Confidence Project

Show your confidence

Building my confidence

You may know that I have been a Professional Photographer for many years. This meant years of hiding behind my camera!

People know nothing about Me…

I am confident face to face, I guess that built over years of being a Photojournalist (Newspaper Photographer). Photographing and having to speak to people from all walks of life, enable me to photograph them.

Deep Breath, let’s do this, get to work on my self-confidence in front of the camera.

Loading my kit in the car I drove to the Cockle Sheds area of Leigh-on-Sea on my own.

As it was March and chilly there shouldn’t be too many people about.  To wonder what is this mad woman doing!

“As if they care” But this was in my head.

Why should I care what they think – Lack of Self-confidence in front of the camera! Thats what.

It is nice there with a few pubs, and restaurants with views over the Thames Estuary.

I’ve been here in the past so I had a rough idea of the area. Walking along the single-track road I followed the path along the sea wall.

It can be a bit of a faff to photograph yourself with a professional camera, nothing like taking a selfie with a phone.

Mounting my camera with a speed light onto the tripod and took a few test shots of what was to be the background of my photos.

I then have to link my iPad and camera remote to the camera so that I can see on the iPad what the camera view is, I don’t want to cut my head off! Next was to put myself in the frame.

A few people were walking by and looking, I took a total of 36 photographs.

One thing I learnt was that it does take time to photograph myself remotely as I have to keep going back to the camera to make lighting adjustments etc.

I am super pleased that I did it and yes I will be doing more.

Would you like to join me in Essex somewhere for a coffee & chat and see what I do?  I would love to help build your confidence too.

E-mail: and put ‘Coffee & Chat’ in the subject line.