Merlin is one of Basildons much loved OAP pony

Merlin captured by Shiralee Swan

30 yr old Merlin

This now OAP pony Merlin became part of Mia’s life when she was 8/9 years old. Merlin the OAP or  Ole Fossil as he is fondly called is a young 30-year-old pony.

Mia and Merlin’s live together started with Mia being the part loaner of Merlin.

Merlin belonged to Mia’s Mums friend. Sadly his owner had to have her leg amputated which resulted in Mia and Mum having to taking Merlin on full time.

Merlin is currently living the retired life, Mia saids that she has so many memories with Merlin in fact too many to write down.

Mia tells Me that Merlin such a sweet horse, forever loving!

Mia remembers one day that she left a sticky lickit (horse treat) in Merlins stable before leaving to go to a horse show.

Nosey Merlin found the horse treat and tucked into it, his face was covered in sticky so he ended up going to the show with a dirty sticky face.

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