wedding Photographer Shiralee Swan

PR, Branding, Commercial Photography

A small selection of my Freelance work.

Working for PR Agencies from across the country. Commercial, PR, and Marketing Photography.

Have you an idea in your mind? I can help you? Communicating your news with photographs.

A lot of sole traders and small companies struggle to get high-quality, relevant on-brand images that represent the true them.

They fall into the trap of using stock images, which does nothing to make them stand out in a crowd.

Your website and social media should look fresh, appealing, and on-brand, so attracting more of the right clients means more booking/sales.

Having worked as the Senior Photojournalist for 13 years in a Regional Newspaper.

I can photograph a set of unique on-brand images that will help your growth and interest in building trust with your clients.

Contact me via email... It costs nothing to chat. Call me 07759 403351

A few from my Newspaper days