A Private Garden Wedding

marquee ready for a private wedding

Private Weddings are something that I specialise in.

As a photographer, my speciality lies in capturing the essence of private weddings. These intimate celebrations are moments of pure love and joy, and I understand the importance of preserving those precious memories.

One thing that sets me apart is my commitment to your privacy. In an age where everything is shared on social media, I recognise the significance of keeping your wedding photographs personal.

Rest assured that I will not post your cherished moments all over social platforms for the world to see. Your love story is uniquely yours, and I respect that.

Furthermore, when it comes to wedding photography, there are countless styles to choose from.

the whole garden was covered by the marquee ready for the wedding and evening party

the marquee covered the flower beds too

Private unobtrusive and documentary

In fact, one that has gained immense popularity is unobtrusive or documentary wedding photography.

Having a fly-on-the-wall perspective, capturing every raw emotion and unscripted moment without interfering or altering the natural flow of events.

chair ready for the ceremony

before the guests arrive

This style allows for genuine and authentic photographs that will transport you back to that magical day.

Allow me to share a bit about my background to help you understand why this style is second nature to me.

I spent thirteen years as a Senior Photojournalist for a regional newspaper. This experience honed my skills in capturing genuine moments and telling stories through images.

It ingrained in me a deep appreciation for the narrative that unfolds naturally, without any external influence.

I aim to capture your wedding day as it unfolds, preserving every smile, every tear, and every heartfelt exchange.

My approach is to let the moments speak for themselves, relying on their natural beauty rather than trendy editing techniques or forced poses.

This approach ensures that your photos will withstand the test of time and continue to evoke the same emotions in the years to come.

matt gold and fern green were the colour theme

matt gold vases with flowers and candles decorate the tables

Family Friends and Fun

In my eyes, weddings are not just about the couple, but also about family, friends, and fun.

These are the elements that make a celebration truly memorable. I understand the importance of capturing all the significant moments, but I also know when to step back and let the day unfold naturally.

Whether it’s the laughter shared between friends or the tender moments shared with family, I strive to immortalise these connections in my photographs.

For me, wedding photography is not just a job; it is my passion and my purpose. I believe that every love story deserves to be told and cherished through stunning images. My goal is to create lasting memories that you can look back on with joy for years to come.

If you’re searching for a photographer who specializes in unobtrusive, documentary wedding photography, someone who understands the importance of preserving memories and the significance of family, friends, and fun, then look no further.

Trust me to capture your wedding day in a way that truly reflects your love and happiness, weaving a visual narrative that you will treasure forever.

If you’re curious to learn more about me and my journey, feel free to visit my ‘About Shiraleepage. In the meantime, let’s create memories together, one click at a time.

wooden chest for the wedding card to be placed

wedding cards will be placed in a wooden chest

We Highly recommend Shiralee.

As someone who has experienced Shiralee’s exceptional photography skills, We highly recommend Shiralee Swan Photography for any wedding or family event.

Her attention to detail and ability to capture unforgettable moments is truly remarkable. Additionally, her ability to supply quality prints we feel sets her apart from others in my opinion.

Trusting Shiralee will ensure that you will have unforgettable memories of your wedding day to cherish for years to come.