I am super happy to let you all know…Vaccine done

CURRENT COVID-19 VACCINATIONS DONE I have received both doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Feel confident that I am fully vaccinated.

I will be carrying my vaccination card with me at all times. When I join you at our pre-wedding meeting at your venue. I am happy to give your Wedding coordinator a copy of my insurance and my vaccination card.

Working Safely

I will wear a face mask during all photography sessions. In the case of needing to change my mask, I carry spare masks and hand sanitizer in my camera bag should a replacement be needed at any time.

A minimum distance of 6 feet to any member of the wedding party will be observed at all times. No physical contact will be made to ensure everyone’s safety.

I fully understand the worry about seeing everyone’s face in the photographs. I will not ask anyone to remove their masks. This is solely the decision to be made by the couple and everyone involved in the photographs.

The bottom line

Obviously lay with the venue, we must be led by their guideline.

Remember that I am always here to answer any questions that you may have. There are lots of ways for you to contact me Contact Formemail, WhatsApp, etc


I have now had my booster too, I am happy to show my COVID Pass to your venue manager.