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Special deals offer to my VIPs first. They are given the first offers for model calls for my Portrait competitions and for stock shoots, they are also the first to know about new products and services I am offering.

When the Photographic Print Labs run "Special Offers'  Fine Art prints, Canvases, Acrylic panels etc. I pass these offers straight to my VIPs.

Back in the Summer, I had some open dates, so I offered my VIPs a Special Mini 'Summer Dappled Light Session"

The best light for this was midday when the sun was high and the beautiful sunlight was pouring through the leaves on the trees.

Liz and her husband have taken advantage of my VIP Membership because I photograph their horses annually.

Their horses are homebred and entering their Golden years they wanted more photoshoots so took advantage of what is offered with the VIP Membership.

Are you interested in becoming a VIP Member?

We never know...

How much time we have left to enjoy our beloved horses? And gosh I know that! after losing Spyda suddenly in November 2021.

I know what it's like to love a horse and what to hold on to that moment forever.

I want to help you remember the simple, beautiful moments that make the bond with your horse so very special.

VIP Client Liz
VIP Client Ian