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Stunning wall art ideas…

It can be a hard task to try and decide the best ways to display your horse’s photographs as wall art for your home!

Your home decor and the art you display reflects your personality, it reveals who you are and the things that are most important to you as an individual. It also defines the mood, character and personality of your home itself and it should be as unique as you are!

Horse lovers

Appreciate art is all about the emotion and connection, so it makes sense that decorating your home with custom-designed wall art featuring beautiful photographs of your horse.

Decorating your personal space with art that not only makes your heart sing whenever you look at it but will also make you the envy of all your friends and visitors!

During our pre-session chat when we start planning your session and after your photography session during your Design Consultation I will answer any questions you have, show you product samples and help you choose the display options for your art that best suits your personal style, taste and home.

I have invested in specialised software that takes all of the guesswork out of choosing the right type and size of artwork for your home. You will be able to see exactly how your choices will look, to scale on the walls of your home so you can be confident in choosing the most perfect options for your spaces.

The following tips may help you start thinking about the rooms in your home where you would like to display your custom art collection so that the photographs we create together during your session perfectly reflect the vision you have for your home.

 The style of your home

The most obvious thing to consider is the style of your home – the artwork that suits an ultra-modern home is not the same as the art that bests suits a cottage in a rural area. The style of your home may be perfect for traditional wooden framed photographs on fine art paper or more suited to the clean sharp look of a Float Acrylic Panel or a canvas multi photograph gallery display.


Different rooms different looks

Each room in your home has a different look. The kitchen is often a hive of activity a meeting place for family and friends, casual artwork that can be placed in smaller spaces over countertops and benches.

The lounge is the most formal room in many homes it may suit the more ‘arty’ style of images or a series in striking black and white.

Houses that have a hallway or staircase wall beg to have a series of artwork, displayed that you can add to over the years to create a nostalgic wall of memories.

Thinking about your rooms

Thinking about the style of your home this would include the colours used in your decor.

The colouring in your rooms will influence what you would wear during an Equestrian lifestyle photoshoot as you wouldn’t want what you decide to wear to clash with the colours of the rooms in your home.

Alternatively, low key black background studio portraits or high key white background studio portraits might be the best way to photograph your horse.

Portable studio photography is a perfect option if you would like a consistent theme for your horse photographs and artwork throughout your home.

Equine Wall Art by Shiralee Swan

Black and white wall art

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