Digital Watercolour edits of your photographs

During May I run a Special Offer, during the COVID-19 lockdown. I am not an artist working with brushed and paint. I work with a Wacom pad, stylist and photoshop.


The Special Offer ran for the month of May and was open to everyone. All people had to do was email their photo’s to me and I would edit them with my digital Watercolour style using Photoshop.

Two hounds digital watercolour by Shiralee Swan

Two hounds digital watercolour by Shiralee Swan

My Watercolour style edits were also open to any subject. I have edited some beautiful horses, being ridden as well as some headshot portraits. Not forgetting the dogs, dogs out on walks and dogs relaxing on the sofa.

When you book a photoshoot with Me, for your horse or your dog or both. I will photograph for the style for the wall art you dream of. Whether you love natural light to be edited in my Watercolour digital style or if you are a lover of my Studio style black backgrounds, which are not edited but they take some planning.

Two photographs combined

Two photographs combined to make a beautiful large framed wall art

I have attended many schooling days with this rider, here are photographs that I have taken at two separate schooling days riding each of her horses. She wanted a watercolour of her two favourite photographs that I had taken combined together to make one large print to go pride of place in her home.

You can see more examples of my Watercolour edits on my Instagram @shiraleeswan

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